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Debate Everyone Is Racist To Some Extent...

Discussion in 'Chilling Lounge' started by Mani, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    No....SOME people are conditioned to hate and or fear people different to them. If your family raised you to hate black people....dont be shocked to find out that not everyones family raised them to hate black people. What you described is called...RACISM. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. A person who is P R E J U D I C E..is someone who makes preconceived judgments based on gender, age, race...etc etc. Taking into account what a person chooses to show the world, not what he can’t help but show the world..is the difference between racism and prejudice.
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  2. Hubert Cumberdale It's Too Late

    Decent Docu on BBC3 right now - "Is Football Racist?"
  3. Journeyman It's Too Late

    To judge if one race is better than the other you need to have those preconceived ideas. Hence why Racism is a form of prejudice and the instigating factor in racist behaviour. Both are intertwined.
  4. Journeyman It's Too Late

    You cannot be racist without prejudicial ideas.
  5. Aventador Buzzin of Barfi

    think it can depend on the races you encountered in your formative years....the wider range of colours you met and interacted with the better...
  6. Tu_Toh_Gaya It's Too Late

    i have a question: on an average are men (except for journeyman) usually more hateful/racist than woman?
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    why do you say people are 'born stupid' didn't know such a thing existed
  8. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    ....in the post.. you're replying to...i already stated that prejudice can include judgments based on race....it however does not make one a racist. I explained to you what a racist is. You saying racism and prejudice is intertwined.....

    "Blue is a color, no? Does that mean Blue is the exact same thing as Red?" - Me
  9. my other quote was for you, but uhuh i do agree with you on 'some' slightly and also think maybe everyone is but just lie to themselves
    1. society conditions you to either hate or fear I think personally by Enculturation mixed with a little xenephobia, so everyone's world view is going to be bias and predjudiced.
    2. This can lead to unconscious and even unintentional subtle racism. (Those themselves will not even realise they are racist unless they're put into situations that express them)
    3. Maybe through self exploration they can learn and be honest with themselves, a lot of people can't do this though. So modern racism is not what it was in the past however it's been reduced to 'polite predjudism' but if the environment was flipped who knows the overt racism may follow.

  10. what do you make of this? his points are pretty invalid The woman didn't do a good job either in her reponses.
  11. Nuttyy ѕweeт вυт deadly


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  12. Tu_Toh_Gaya It's Too Late

    nuttyy talking frm her own experience kya?

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  13. Journeyman It's Too Late

    I don't get the example you are using about blue being the same as red palava.

    I'm not making a prejudicial opinion. I'm not pre-judging. I'm looking at the colour in front of me and my eyes have given me a strong indiciation that red is red, blue is blue. You're telling me that air traffic controllers are prejudging the colours on the screen and thus making decisions based on a pre-judgement? Ofcourse not, they have to be 100% sure that the colours in front of them are the colours that are represented otherwise 100s of people can die.

    Now let's discuss race, race and racism isn't prejudice based on colour, it's much more than that, it's making inaccurate, false assumptions of individuals based on their culture, their language, family of origin. Colours aren't represented in that way, which is why I don't get what point you are making here about prejudice and racism being different.
  14. Nuttyy ѕweeт вυт deadly

  15. KissKissBangBang вleѕѕιng ιn dιѕgυιѕe

    I love black men!
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  16. Da Bose It's Too Late

    how about white and asian men?
  17. KissKissBangBang вleѕѕιng ιn dιѕgυιѕe

    It's however I take my coffee or tea ;-)
  18. Da Bose It's Too Late

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    whoever? really?
  19. KissKissBangBang вleѕѕιng ιn dιѕgυιѕe

    Yes. I prefer it strong ;-)
  20. Da Bose It's Too Late

    How strong?

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