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Debate Everyone Is Racist To Some Extent...

Discussion in 'Chilling Lounge' started by Mani, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    Good for you...and of course not one single person (including myself) stated that they were not intertwined. In fact i stated several times that they were intertwined...just not all the time.... completely agreeing with what you just said.....Prejudice and Stereotyping being linked to racist because they use it to promote hate...has nothing to do with the people in this thread..meaning JM rambling on for paragraphs about this shit..is IRRELEVANT. Not one person in his thread stated they think that one race is superior to another (except one i think) Which means they are not racist. So all this babbling about prejudice and stereotyping being linked to racism because racist use it while being racist..is completely and totally irreverent because no one in this thread..is a racist. If they dont hold the mind set that one race is superior to another you by DEFINITION are not racist......end of discussion. Meaning all this fucking talk about shit being intertwined..is IRRELEVANT. That means the people IN THIS THREAD who are using the word racist when describing their own prejudice behavior and stereotyping...are using the words racism..and racist... INCORRECTLY. Journeyman rambling on about how racists use Stereotyping and are prejudice against races..has jack shit to do with the people in this thread who are clearly are using the words racist and racism improperly. If you two cant comprehend that....lol k.
  2. Journeyman It's Too Late

    Erm I used those same definitions to emphasise my point, so who's the idiot now?

    I mean come on, talk about strawman arguments. You can't argue against the points I put forward instead you use abusive language (when I haven't) and then in sheer desperation you have a go at my spelling and get that wrong too.

    I gave you a historical fact where Prejudice and Discrimination was intertwined with Racism. You gave me 2 lines from a dictionary definition which allows for that variance to take place. How on earth can you fathom from that, that I am wrong?

    Stop it now. Not for me, just for yourself.
  3. Journeyman It's Too Late

    and this...seriously, having a go at my spelling and then putting the above up is not a wise move.

    I repeat. Stop. In the name of love.
  4. Journeyman It's Too Late

    as the great Notorious B.I.G. would say (RIP) 'awh and another one'
  5. Journeyman It's Too Late

    Right I'm not going to check anymore spelling errors, but don't get me started on the grammar.

    Once again, I'm the retard yeah?
  6. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    You...you are the fucking idiot because i never said they weren't intertwined. You're the idiot because i quite clearly stated that i agree they were intertwined. You're the idiot because none of that has shit to do with this topic..my reply..or the replies in this thread...which i have told you..what...5..6 times now?

    I didnt attack you for your spelling..i attacked you for apparently being incapable of understanding whats being told to you....but thats not your fault...you're an idiot.

    Even after my post to Bulb..you're still running your mouth about shit thats irrelevant.......and You wonder why i question your intelligence? LOL k
  7. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    Yes....yes you are. In fact you chose the perfect icon for yourself.
  8. Journeyman It's Too Late

    Changing statements now.

    First it was all about colours and couldn't be intertwined.

    Now it can be.

    I think this thread has run its course. Bye dude.
  9. Journeyman It's Too Late

    I made the Brick Tamland comment ages ago. So why are you dissing me on something that I've already dissed myself about.

  10. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    Like i said...Ble and red are both colors (racism, stereotyping and prejudice share a common bond) But blue and red are not the same color. (racism, prejudice and stereotyping are not the same fucking thing) They are completely different...and any comparisons would be superficial at best. If you got Oh they arent intertwined from my analogy...that only solidifies how much of an idiot you are.
  11. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

  12. Journeyman It's Too Late

    I didn't say they were the same. I said they were interlinked which is what you disagreed with.
  13. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi


    Burn notice is on...goodbye
  14. Journeyman It's Too Late

    You cannot be racist without being either prejudicial or discriminatory...agree or disagree?

    if you agree...case closed

    if you disagree, you haven't even looked at my case of argument which means you choose not to.

    Either way, I have nothing further to add. Unless you want to try and antagonise me, which is all good because I'm not being antagonised but you seem to be.

    Best to walk away from this one now hey?
  15. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    You're an idiot
  16. Journeyman It's Too Late

    Maybe so, but you just got the run around from an idiot, so who's the bigger idiot?
  17. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

    You.... definitely you. I mean i made it clear that im only responding to insult you..so only an idiot would think im getting the run around...idiot
  18. Journeyman It's Too Late

    no need to insult is there really...bit childish no? You're just spitting your dummy out just because I don't agree with you. I think that is very unreasonable and very immature.
  19. pillowpantz Buzzin of Barfi

  20. lol
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